UFE Flow Flip Lid Water Bottle - 700 ml
UFE Foam Massage Roller White Black

Ideal for improving core stability, strength and balance.  Relaxes muscles and improves ci..

UFE Foot Massage Roller Turquoise/Grey

The foot massage roller is great to massage tired and achy feet.Just simply rolling your feet on the..

UFE Gym Fitness Speed Rope

Speed ropes are lighter in weight for faster skipping and are designed for quicker jumps. Smoot..

UFE High Grip Lightweight Speed Rope

A lightweight speed rope benefiting from high grip handles which greatly improve slipresistance. ..

UFE Hot Cold Massage Balls - Set of 2 Blue

Relieves muscle tension and improves circulation. Can be used hot or cold. Colour – Blue. Set of 2..

UFE Hydro Water Drinks Bottle 700ml

Available in two colours ..

UFE Massage Ball 10cm Red

Great for treating back pain, stimulating muscles, easing tension and improving circulation...

UFE Massage Fitness Ball PVC 12cm Blue

UFE Massage Ball targets problem areas by using body weight pressure to release muscle tension.The M..

UFE Massage Roller Blue 33 x 14cm

UFE Massage Roller improves core stability, strength and balance.Relaxes muscles and improves circul..

UFE Mini Massage Roller

Ideal for targeted massage. Eases away tension and releases muscles throughout the body. EVA foam..

UFE Multi Function Resistance Tube

Great for upper and lower body exercising.  The resistance tube position can be easily cha..

UFE Multi Gym Black Trainer

Suitable for use indoors or out.Lightweight construction enables you to enjoy body weight training a..

UFE Muscle Massage Stick Green/Black

Easy grip handles with 4 independent rollers.Ideal for targeting individual muscle groups.Helps prev..

UFE NBR Sports Fitness Mat 10mm

Excellent grip and 10mm of cushioning. Comes complete with ..

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