UFE Massage Roller Blue 33 x 14cm
£11.04 £9.94

UFE Massage Roller improves core stability, strength and balance.Relaxes muscles and improves circul..

UFE Muscle Massage Stick Green/Black
£5.52 £4.97

Easy grip handles with 4 independent rollers.Ideal for targeting individual muscle groups.Helps prev..

UFE Pilates Yoga Fitness Wheel 33cm Diameter
£13.50 £12.15

The pilates / yoga wheel is designed to open up your shoulders, chest, back and aid balance.Perfect ..

UFE Spiky Massage Balls Set of 3
£4.05 £3.65

Perfect for an all over body massage. Relieve tightness and discomfort and encourage the muscles to..

UFE Sports Towel Green
£3.75 £3.38

Super abssorbent. Absorbs 5 time faster than a regular cotton towel.  Provides Cooling R..

UFE Stability Cushion and Pump Blue
£12.39 £11.15

The double sided stability cushion has one smooth side and a raised pattern on the other, which give..

Urban Fitness 5pc Essential Drawstring Bag Set
£25.50 £22.95

Urban Fitness Drawstring Bag.Lightweight bag with drawstring closure and a front compartment for add..

Urban Fitness Cool Insulated Stainless Steel Water/ Drinks Bottle 500ml - 2 colours
£6.90 £6.21

Urban Fitness Cool Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle keeps your drinks cooler for longer with i..

Urban Fitness Massage Ball 7 cm
£1.73 £1.56

Great for treating back pain.Stimulating muscles.Easing tension and improving circulation...

Urban Fitness Protein Shaker 700ml Clear/Green with blenda ball
£2.25 £2.03

Protein Shaker with blenda ball for lump free shakes, embossed markings show milliliters and ou..

Urban Fitness Resistance Band 1.5 m Strong
£4.35 £3.92

Latex resistance bands are ideal for improving strength, resistance workouts and rehabilitation.An i..

Urban Fitness Resistance Loops 208 mm
£17.06 £15.35

Heavy-duty. Help build strength and improve mobility.With resistance band training, every part of th..

Urban Fitness Trigger Point Massage Balls Set of 3
£6.90 £6.21

For trigger point release and acupressure massage.The three different hardnesses allow for either mi..

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