• Trespass Antibacterial Towel
  • Trespass Antibacterial Towel
  • Trespass Antibacterial Towel

Trespass Antibacterial Towel



  • - Brand: Trespass
  • - Product Code: UUACMIE30018

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Elevate your outdoor and travel experiences with the Trespass Antibacterial Towel, engineered for those who embrace an active lifestyle. This towel sets itself apart with its super absorbent and fast-drying capabilities, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable, no matter the intensity of your adventure. Its lightweight design makes it an essential item in your pack, adding minimal weight while offering maximum functionality. Perfect for camping, hiking, gym sessions, or any outdoor activity where space and weight are considerations. Packaged in a convenient zip carry bag, it's easy to take with you wherever you go, ensuring hygiene and comfort are always within reach.

Key Features:

Super Absorbent: Quickly soaks up moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Fast-Drying: Dries rapidly, ready for your next use in no time.

Lightweight: Ideal for travel and outdoor activities, adding negligible weight to your pack.

Antibacterial: Helps maintain hygiene and freshness, reducing odour and bacterial growth.

Zip Carry Bag: Makes it easy to pack and transport, keeping it clean and secure.

The Trespass Antibacterial Towel is more than just a towel; it's an essential part of your adventure gear, designed to meet the needs of active individuals who value functionality and efficiency.

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