• Trespaws Armie Ball Throw
  • Trespaws Armie Ball Throw
  • Trespaws Armie Ball Throw

Trespaws Armie Ball Throw



  • - Brand: Trespass
  • - Product Code: UUACMIL30034

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Elevate playtime with your furry friend using the Trespaws Armie Ball Throw Stick. Designed for dog owners who love to keep their hands clean while ensuring their pets get ample exercise, this lightweight and easy-to-use throw stick is a must-have for every dog walk. Whether you're in the park or your backyard, the Armie throwing stick acts as an excellent training tool and a fun way to expend energy.

Key Features:

Easy to Use: Designed for effortless throwing, making it fun for you and your pet.

Spoon-Like Head: Holds the ball securely, allowing you to pick up and throw the ball without getting your hands dirty.

Lightweight Design: Easy to carry on all your outdoor adventures with your dog.

Great Training Tool: Helps in teaching fetch and retrieve skills, enhancing your dog's physical and mental agility.

Energy Expelling: An effective way to help your dog use up energy in a fun and interactive manner.

Make your daily dog walks more enjoyable and engaging with the Trespaws Armie Ball Throw Stick, where fun meets functionality.

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